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Green Hosting from Atlantic Vision Eco Hosting from Atlantic Vision Green Email from Atlantic Vision Green Backup from Atlantic Vision Secure backup from Atlantic Vision Safe backup from Atlantic Vision UK Support 99.9% uptime Avecoh hosting from Atlantic Vision Limited provides your business or organisation with a cost effective and rock solid platform to communicate and promote its services or products via our cloud based eco friendly hosting platform. Green Hosting | Atlantic Vision Remote backup | Atlantic Vision

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About Atlantic Vision.

Atlantic Vision's carbon free hosting platform has taken years to develop.

In 1998, directors of Atlantic Vision launched their first UK hosting company,
Internet Advertising Corporation Ltd which we are pleased to say is still going strong today.

Over the last 14 years vast experience and knowledge has been aquired by providing commercial grade hosting, email and domain registration services to thousands of different size organisations.

The goal since day 1 has always been to provide robust, reliable hosting solutions that our customers can utilise.

In 2009 our directors started their quest to find the most efficient way of powering and cooling high spec servers.
Solar, wind, battery and just about every other conceivable renewable technology has been trialled over the last few years with the goal to find the most environmentally friendly way of powering our data centres.

Our Nottinghamshire data centre is powered by a combination of solar and renewable energy sources which provide power to large battery storage facilities which in turn power the servers. This enables the data centre to run with minimal cooling requirements lowering its carbon output significantly.

Our main data centre is located in Iceland. Its geographical location allows it to operate completely 100% carbon free. Powered by both geothermal & hydro electric energy and cooled by sophisticated natural air, the data centre is able to operate in a 100% carbon free environment.

There are of course, plenty of companies that offer carbon off setting where tree's are planted to offset the carbon used powering their data centres, but Atlantic Vision wanted a truly green hosting service.

Our ECO Hosting service is the result of our hard work over the last few years.

If your looking for high quality internet solutions that don't cost the earth,
take a look at Atlantic Vision.

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Atlantic Vision Ltd
5 Cartledge House Farm
Great Hucklow
SK17 8RG


Tel: 01298 918011


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